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Highlights of Miracles of Survival

May 14, 1948, at the conclusion of the British Mandate over Palestine, Israel declared itself to be an independent Jewish Nation. The very next day they were attacked by a coalition of Arab countries lead by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Today over 73 years later, they must continue to defend themselves against those who are determined to destroy the Jewish State.

May, 1948 - July,1949... War for Independence... Armistice signed with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria; The UN established new bounderies (Green Lines) with Egypt controlling Gaza; and Jordan occuping Judea & Samaria [ "The West Bank" ].

October, 1956... The Suez Crisis or Sinai War... Egypt blocks Israeli shipping through the Tiran Straits and the Suez Canal. Israel prevails and regains the access needed for vital oil shipments and its economic survival.

  JUNE, 1967 The Six Day War... Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and most of the Arab world mobilized to deliver Israel the "DEATH BLOW" stating "they would drive the Jews into the sea'... Israel, with a preemptive strike overpowered them all in six days taking control of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsular, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights giving it strategic territory for it's defense and security.

October, 1973 ... Yom Kippur War... Egypt and Syria, backed by other Arab forces, launch surprise attack. By the end of the first week Israel repels Syrian troops and moves within 40 Km of Damascus. A counter-attack drives Egyptians back across the Suez Canal and encircles Egypt's Third Army. A cease fire brokered by the UN prevents a disasterous defeat for Egypt. Israel is only 101 Km from Cairo.

March, 1979... The Israel - Egypt Peace Treaty is signed. October, 1994... Israel and Jordan sign a Peace Treaty. There has been no peace.

Each time, though far outnumbered, Israel has prevailed. Fighting for their own survival... Defeat is not an option


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