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Cry Aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, Tell my people their transgressions and the House of Jacob their sins

I58 Media Missions is a trumpet call to the Nations to stand with Israel and the Jewish people... to defend their right to a safe and secure provide clear understanding of their Biblical claim to Jerusalem.

WHO LOVES GOD?  1st John 2  3-5 ,  John 8;47, 14;21-23 

A powerful presentation by

Chuck & Vickie Tatum

The Tatums are compelling with their unique presentation. They engage and excite their audiences as they weave together the past, present and future of Israel aided with documented historical facts and visuals. Their message sometimes include audio & video.  Always, through available technology, going LIVE to Israel to bring to their audience timely commentary from knowledgable sources.


The 3rd Sunday in August 1985, over 35 years ago; Chuck & Vickie Tatum had a head on collision with God. they were radically changed and were immediately consumed by unmeasurable love and joy.   They both felt compelled to tell everybody.  They began "Crying Aloud when they launched a new radio outreach in Huntsville, AL called "Rain in the Valley". Vickie had a broadcasting career of 20 years at the time and this seemed to be a good place to start. came about While Chuck was in deep The words spoken by the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 58 became a mandate; and the beginning of a media ministry to inform, encourage and inspire all who would hear, to turn their hearts towards YHVH and the Jewish people.

Isaiah 58 became their Mission Statement and their media outreach grew from producing and hosting one radio program to the founding and operation a 24/7 Cable Channel, constructing and operating two Television stations, operating two radio stations and organizing humanitarian programs to help feed, cloth and shelter people in need.

The Tatums have made numerous trips to the Holy Land to produce documentaries, news segments and conferences. This has given them the opportunity to meet and interview influential leaders, Holocaust survivors, Gaza refugees and people on the streets.

Over the years they have worked with established organizations and ministries who impact the lives of Israeli citizens everyday. They have developed close relationships and made contacts that are an important part of their i58 Media Mission.


Media Missions

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