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Encouraging all believers to embrace their Hebrew heritage.

Chuck and Vickie recording podcast

When Chuck and I became believers, we had only one regret, the one most Believers share, that we had not submitted to our Lord sooner. We wanted to tell the world, serve Him and obey His commands.  I was shocked one day when I overheard someone tell my husband that Sunday was not the true Sabbath. What? Really? Why not? He went on to say that God doesn't distinguish one day from another. We can just pick any day and rest. I was "green" in this new walk. I didn't know Scripture well enough to counter. But it truly bothered me. Even as a new Christian, it just didn't seem right. Why doesn't the church observe the true Sabbath?

We always had a zeal for God. We just wanted to please Him. His word was everything. If it is in Scripture, in context, then that is the way it is. Period. Knowing His Word became first and foremost.

Cry Aloud came about while Chuck was deeply seeking God, regarding our radio ministry. Chuck was fervently seeking God when he was given Isiah 58:1. Vickie walked in and asked what was wrong?  He said, I think God just spoke Isaiah 58:1 to me.  She asked him, what did it say? He said he had not looked yet, he wasn't sure there was 58 chapters in Isaiah.  As they read, the Words leapt in both their spirits, they knew then and realized the words spoken by the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 58 became a mandate and the beginning of a  media ministry to inform, encourage and inspire all who would hear, to turn their hearts towards God (YHVH) and the Jewish people. We were so new in the things of the Lord but decided to give whatever we had to work with.

We eventually started a TV ministry. Many years passed, well over 25 and I still didn't know a true Sabbath keeper. We have been able to travel to many nations, but it was Israel that had our hearts, and we have traveled there numerous times. I was a video producer and was hired to film a documentary concerning Holocaust survivors in Israel. I was staying in a hotel that was housing displaced Jewish people for the government. That was when Israel had traded the Gaza Strip for peace (Needless to say NO peace). These Jewish people had lost their homes and didn't know where they would live.  All their belongings were in boxes in small hotel rooms. In the hotel the grief and heaviness was overwhelming. It seemed all I saw was sadness, fear and emptiness. My heart was breaking for them.

One morning, being awakened by a joyous sound coming through the windows, I asked a friend what was going on outside? She said it was Shabbat. I looked down from the windows and saw those same Jewish people setting up tables in the parking lot, folding tables no less, with lace tablecloths, candelabras, flowers, and lots of food.  They were all dressed up and the little girls all had ribbons and lace socks. There were many and they were singing and rejoicing.  I could not believe my eyes.  Were these the same grieving people I had observed through the week?  Then it hit me hard... I GET IT... I GOT IT!!!  I knew then exactly why the gift of Sabbath was so important. It was a day God blessed and called Holy. He gave it as a great gift, instructing us to keep it FOREVER! This was so important He included it in His Ten Commandments.

Through many years of study I have found no Scriptures where Jesus, Paul or any apostle, kept another day. There is absolutely no Scripture where God said anybody could change it. I have heard many different reasons for not keeping the true Sabbath but no one has been able to show it to me in Scripture. This is what we have come to understand... the Jews didn't keep Sabbath, the Sabbath kept the Jews. Shabbat is what sets His Believers apart. God said that it is a sign between Him and His Worshippers! 

Our Story

Chuck and Vickie


1.   When, who and why did Christians change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?

2.   What about the 10 lost tribes of Israel? Where and who are they?

3.   What is clean food? Do we have to eat only clean food?

4.   What was the vision about food that Peter saw? 

5.   Do miracles of the Bible happen today?

6.   Are all sins really equal? Explain the scape goat.

7.   Exactly what is the Torah? 

8.   What does using His name in vain mean?

9.   What does the new covenant written on our hearts mean?

10. How do we know what sin is?

                                   LET'S READ IT, STUDY IT AND DISCUSS IT. 

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