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i58 Media Missions     are working with contacts around the world, broadcasting the untold stories, exposing deliberate misinformation and the biased distortions. i58 is shouting from the housetops what YHWH'S (GOD's) word says about the land of Israel and making a significant impact against the effectiveness of negative press and propaganda leveled against Israel.

                          NEWS STORIES 

Today Israel is confronted with more than just armed aggresors on it's borders. A new danger is unfolding that few people recognize. A worldwide campaign is now underway to delegitimize the Jewish State.

This is unprecedented and it is finding receptive audiences in the halls of governments, global institutions and universities.

The new charge being sounded is that Israel is an

"Apartheid State".

Why is this so dangerous? Because if enough people can be convinced that Israel is "Racist" then, just like South Africa, it must also be sanctioned and ultimately dismantled. The goal is very clear... Destroy the State of Israel.This campaign of global disinformation and propaganda should be taken very seriously by anyone who is concerned about the Jewish people and the security and continued viability of their Jewish State.


Media Missions

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