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      Reaching Out To Holocaust Survivors

Linda Olmert, an i58 Media Mission Board member, is a native Israeli whose parents survived the Holocaust. She is the sister-in-law to Israels previous prime minister, Ahud Olmert. Linda is positioned and completely aware of the struggles and hardships many survivors continue to face. Our aid program will help to meet needs of these amazing Jewish heros. Linda is a knowledgable and dedicated advocate for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and will help coordinate and provide personal oversight for this very important humanitarian outreach in Israel.

"What words can convey the heroism and quiet determination of aged Holocaust survivors, shrunken and wrinkled with age, the burden of their survival and building the State of Israel through so many wars. Replaying the dialogue of their youth and reliving the 70 year old dilemma of weather to stay or to go. We watch them gather the last of their strength yet again, to vow that from this place they will not move, not from a million rockets."

( A quote from Linda as she visited Nahariya in 2006 after a rocket attack on civilians.)

They are real hero's and we honor and bless them.

To help Holocaust survivors go to the "Cry Aloud " page for details.


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