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"Cry Aloud, spare not; Lift up your voice like a trumpet; Tell my people their transgressions; And the House of Jacob their sins.

The 3rd Sunday in August 1985, over 35 years ago; Chuck & Vickie Tatum had a head on collision with God; both running to the alter the same day during a church service in Huntsville, AL. they were radically changed and immediately consumed by so much joy and zeal, that immediately they felt compelled to tell everybody about their amazing transformation. Within a year they started The Victory Network after a friend offered them their first 30 minute radio program.  They called it Rain in the Valley.  Our first program was only 24 minutes long.  Thats all we had at the time, we were still very new in this walk. Soon we were on 7 stations at no charge. Surely this was God. That program and eventually television programs stayed on the air over 25 years. how this all happened without money we still don't know.


 The  "Crying Aloud' came about while Chuck was deeply seeking God, he needed answers. It didn't make sense, were we going in the right direction?  Even though we somehow miraculously stayed open with volunteers helping; yet the finances were not there.  It was a struggle, Chuck was fervently seeking God when he was given Isiah 58:1. His wife walked in and asked what was wrong?   He said, I think God just spoke Isaiah 58:1 to me.  She asked him, what did it say? He said he had not looked yet, he wasn't sure there was 58 chapters in Isaiah.  as they read, the Words leapt in both their spirits, they knew then and realized the words spoken by the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 58 became a mandate; and the beginning of a media ministry to inform, encourage and inspire all who would hear, to turn their hearts towards God (YHVH) and the Jewish people. we were so new in the things of the Lord but decided to give what they had with what they had to work with. use what you have and more will be added to you.  Little is much when God is in it. With such hunger, they literally grew and was taught daily, even while live on radio and TV.

Isaiah 58 became their Mission Statement and their media outreach grew from producing and hosting one radio program to the founding and operation a 24/7 Cable Channel, constructing and operating two Television stations, operating two radio stations and organizing humanitarian programs to help feed, cloth and shelter people in need.

The Tatums have made numerous trips to the Holy Land to produce documentaries, news segments and conferences. This has given them the opportunity to meet and interview influential leaders, Holocaust survivors, Gaza refugees and people on the streets.

Over the years they have worked with established organizations and ministries who impact the lives of Israeli citizens everyday. They have developed close relationships and made contacts that are an important part of their i58 Media Mission.


Many have asked "Why is it we, as American's and Bible believers, are compelled to support Israel?" We believe, if one will peruse this site thoroughly, it will explain in a brief and organized manner, documented facts derived from history, scriptures, wars, great scholars and ministers. This site offers current news from

Israel, historical research, how todays events effect us on a global scale, and what it means as a nation and for

the future of Israel. Each icon you click offers an abundance of information which will help to understand clearly the significance of why we stand with Israel, Always!


Media Missions

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